Loungewear Style Guide

Loungewear Style Guide

The best part about 2020 is that we can spend all day in our loungewear. Whether you’re working from home, going on a quick Target run or attending a Zoom party - these comfortable, yet trendy, outfits will help you feel your best and look your best. Check out some of our recommendations for how to style your loungewear! 




A pair of biker shorts can take any oversized tee from looking like PJs to fashionable in seconds. This look is perfect for hot summer days, whether you’re staying in or going out. The Mott Earring and The Tigertale Necklace give this effortless look the edgy touch it needs.



loungewear style guide

Looking cute and comfortable has never been so easy. Going for a monochromatic sweatsuit makes it look like you spent so much more time on your outfit. Throw your hair in a scrunchie for an easy hair style and show off The Astoria Earring. Pair this with The Trapp Ring for the ultimate wow factor.



If you’re throwing on a pair of jeans right now, they definitely won’t be skinny jeans. These comfortable and stylish jeans can dress up any outfit - even just paired with just a white tank! Transform this basic outfit with some mixed metal jewelry. The Canal Bracelet and The Frost Bracelet look great stacked together. Wear them with The Bond Earring to tie the mixed metal look together. Add a little bling to your favorite mask with The Mask Chain!


loungewear style guide

Sweat shorts are the ultimate summer loungewear piece, but they can be difficult to style. Pair them with a basic bodysuit so you can stay cool and cozy. The Delancey Necklace, from the Black and Gold Collection, will match perfectly with your favorite pair of black sweat shorts. The Orchard Earring is simple, but better than your average hoops. Let people know how happy this outfit makes you with this “SMILING” mask and The Mask Chain!


If you’ve been on instagram lately, you’ve definitely seen the Dad Sandal trend. Wear them with your favorite t-shirt dress and a statement bag. Pair this outfit with your favorite silver jewelry pieces to bring out the details in your bag and shoes. The Jitney Clip will help keep your hair out of your face all day. Add The Bayshore Necklace as a bold statement piece and your favorite silver ring, like The Varick Ring.


Let us know your favorite ways to style loungewear in the comments! 

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