2020 Gift Guide

2020 Gift Guide

For your friend with a big first day coming up...

The Park Ring

Whether your friend is going off to college, or starting their first job - first days are scary! Send them this ring so they can wear it and have a little piece of you with them all day.

The Park Ring - 2020 Gift Guide











For the friend who misses going out for brunch...

The Tigertale Necklace

This is for your friend that misses getting glammed up on Sunday mornings. Just because they can’t go out for brunch, doesn’t mean they can’t serve looks at home. This necklace can dress up any outfit, even a basic sweater. Wear it alone or layer it with The Bayshore Necklace to take your look to the next level.

The Tigertale Necklace - 2020 Gift Guide


For the friend you haven’t seen in 7 months...

The Jitney Clip

Since the weather is getting colder, here’s hoping that next summer your BFF and you can finally take the Jitney to The Hamptons for a weekend getaway. Remind them that you miss them and can’t wait to travel with them again!

The Jitney Clip - 2020 Gift Guide


For the friend who’s become obsessed with TikToks...

The Mulberry Earring

Everyone who watches TikTok knows that the TikTok uniform is a crop top, your comfiest sweats and a bold pair of hoops. Help your friend get one step closer to fame.

The Mulberry Earring - 2020 Gift Guide


For the friend who didn’t get to celebrate their birthday...

The Starr Bracelet

Your birthday is the one day of the year that everything is all about you. This eye catching cuff will guarantee that they’re the center of attention, no matter where they go. If you can’t decide on what to send them, we offer Gift Cards so your friend can pick the perfect item to add to their jewelry collection.

The Canal Bracelet - 2020 Gift Guide


For the friend who is a serial zoom dater...

The Nolita Necklace

The best part about a zoom date is you can ditch the uncomfortable heels, but still look cute with a few pieces of jewelry. The Nolita Necklace will effortlessly make your friend stand out on their next virtual date... and if they’re feeling nervous for their date, send them The Nazar Earring. The evil eye will bring them good luck and these pieces look great paired together.

The Nolita Necklace - 2020 Gift Guide


For the friend who recently became a parent... 

The Trapeze Earring

Remind your friend to make time for themselves to feel their best. This elegant earring will elevate any look and give them a boost of confidence. The Trapeze Earring is extremely lightweight and easy to wear  - but will still add a wow factor to any of their outfits.

The Trapeze Earring - 2020 Gift Guide



Let us know what you're gifting this year! 

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