This is Alaya. Jewelry to live in.


I’m Alisha, the founder of Alaya. I wanted to share my journey as an entrepreneur and the story of my brand. My parents migrated to the U.S. from India in the 80s and found their footing here in the retail industry. Having been raised in this entrepreneurial environment, fashion quickly became an integral part of my life. I grew up in their warehouse offering my (oftentimes unsolicited) design advice, sketching on the side and scouring through samples. When I started traveling the world with my parents to source and develop products for their company, I tried to absorb everything so I could one day fulfill my childhood dream. I wanted to create a brand that not only felt cool, but made people feel confident and fashionable without breaking the bank - everything I personally looked for in fashion growing up.

Alaya was born shortly thereafter in May of 2019. The collection is inspired by my travels and on-the-go lifestyle. The brand’s identity is a product of my Indian culture and the two cities I call home - Miami and New York. Alaya is defined by its bold minimalism, distinct aesthetic, versatility and above all, approachability. This is jewelry for everyday and everyone. The perfect blend of classic with a little bit of a twist, Alaya jewelry gives your everyday outfit a little more of you.