Mother's Day with my mom!

Mother's Day with my mom!
Hi Alaya fam! 
It's almost Mother's Day and I thought I'd chat with my favorite person for some gifting ideas. Introducing my mom, Manju Datwani! She's the Lorelai to my Rory, the Kris to my Kim, and everyone's favorite classy lady. 
Not many people know this, but my mom actually helps me with designing for Alaya - credit for our best seller The Nikki Earring goes to her. I always go to her for advice and truly trust her taste over my own. 
Mother's Day is coming up and for us this one has to be a little more special than usual. I've been in quarantine with my family for just under 2 months now and I'm even more aware now of how much of a superwoman my mom is. 
I sat down with her and had her pick her favorite pieces. Check them out along with her commentary below! We hope you find this gift guide helpful!
The Nikki Earring "I love these in turquoise for a little pop of color. I'm so glad everyone loves these as much as I do!"
The Daze  Earring - "These go so well with some of my Indian outfits. Bold and beautiful."
The Palacio  Earring - "A Miami fan favorite for sure."
The Minetta  Earring - "Love how delicate and versatile these are."
The Giralda Bracelet - "Simple but cool 3D effect of this bracelet makes it so unique."
The Essex Necklace - "I love how this is a 2-in-1 style - dresses up any outfit."
The Howard Necklace - "Statement piece for any age."

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